T7 Genetic Sequencer

        Turbocharge Your Sequencing
        High Speed
        High Flexibility
        Ultra-high Throughput

        For Research Use Only
        Not for use in diagnostic procedures


        Your Day-to-Day Sequencing Solution
        No Index Hopping
        No Clonal Error

        For Research Use Only
        Not for use in diagnostic procedures
        G400 front



        What makes our DNBSEQ sequencing platforms more accurate and affordable? DNBSEQ technology is the key innovation….

        DNBSEQ technology
        E25 portable genetic sequencer

        DNBSEQ-E25 is a portable and easy-to-use sequencer designed to run sequencing and get the report on the go.

        G400 fron

        DNBSEQ-G400  is a versatile benchtop sequencer providing users with accurate, flexible, and efficient sequencing options. 


        DNBSEQ-T7* can generate 1-7Tb of high-quality data per day for numerous high-throughput sequencing applications.


        DNBSEQ-T20x2* is the ultimate sequencing factory. A single set can produce more than 50,000 WGS per year at an ultra-low cost. 

        G99 front-1-1

        Your Data Security is our top priority

        All our sequencing platforms can work as standalone systems from sample to result without any network connection. As a result, there is no risk of a data breach, and you can be assured your data is secure.

        Complete Genomics Headquarters

        About Complete Genomics

        Complete Genomics is a global life science company offering lab automation and a comprehensive NGS sequencing product portfolio. Complete Genomics takes pride in its ability to develop and manufacture a full spectrum of instruments, ranging from low to extra-high throughput genetic sequencers, accelerating scientific breakthroughs for our scientists. 

        Complete Genomics, based in San Jose, California, is the headquarters of MGI Americas and has been a research and development center of excellence since June 2005. Complete Genomics has a demo lab in San Jose, California, with all the sequencers and lab automation equipment for customers to visit and is the supply center for the Americas so that it can deliver its systems and products in a timely manner.