Breaking the Barriers in Sequencing Speed

        DNBSEQ-G99 Genetic Sequencer

        G99 Genetic Sequencer front
        G99 Genetic Sequencer
        G99 Genetic Sequencer
        DNBSEQ-G99 is the fastest sequencer ever created—offering low- to mid-range throughput making it a superior option for targeted gene and small genome sequencing research. DNBSEQ-G99 adopts the triangular configuration on the patterned array, reaching a higher density of DNBs and resulting in higher data output, up to 48 Gb per run. Additionally, equipped with a proprietary high-resolution objective lens and high-precision temperature control system, the run time for PE150 sequencing is exceptionally fast—within 12 hours. Informative preliminary reports are even available within the first 2.5 hours during PE100 or PE150 sequencing runs. 

        For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

        • PE150 sequencing run in 12 hours
        • Run 2 flow cells independently
        Easy to Use
        Easy to Use
        • Preloaded cartridges minimize errors

        DNBSEQ-G99 also comes with an advanced model including a built-in bioinformatics module, which provides secondary analysis and can begin the analysis automatically after the sequencing run. This facilitates a tremendously efficient and simple workflow, thus accelerating genomic sequencing to advance life science globally. 

        Performance Parameters

        # of Flow Cell Type Reads Read Length*       Data Output      Run Time** Q30
        2 80M SE100/PE50

        8-16 Gb

        5 hr


        24-48 Gb

        12 hr

        APP-C SE100***

        8-16 Gb

        5 hr

        APP-C PE150***

        24-48 Gb

        12 hr


        *PE100, PE150, APPC-PE100/PE150, SE400 will be available in Q2, 2023. PE300 is coming soon H2, 2023 

        **Includes FASTQ generation time

        ***Compatible with Illumina’s Nextera and TruSeq libraries 

        Instrument Specifications

        Model Dimensions And Weight Power Operating Environment Requirements Control Computer Configurations


        23.9 in (L)
        26.8 in (W)
        25.2 in (H)

        ~308.6 lbs
        100-240 V
        50/60 Hz
        Rated Power:
        1000 VA
        [working current]:≥ 10A
        19-30 °C 
        Relative Humidity:
        20% RH-80% RH
        Atmospheric Pressure:
        70 kPa-106 kPa
        Maximum Altitude:
        3000 m
        Intel 19-10900e 2.80 GHz
        Internal Storage:
        64 GB
        6 TB
        Operating System:
        Windows 10
        Your Data Security is Our Top Priority.

        All our sequencing platforms can work as standalone systems from sample to result without any network connection. As a result, there is no risk of a data breach and you can be assured your data is secure.


        The DNBSEQ sequencing platforms are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

        Unless otherwise informed, this StandardMPS sequencing reagent is not available in Germany, UK, Sweden, and Switzerland.